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Technology Advisory Professionals or TAP was founded on the realization of two major truths.  Most businesses do not receive clear, or sometimes even honest, direction on technology spending.  Second, business leaders often do not have the time to manage their technology and their technology partners.

Employing several decades of technology architecture, strategy and leadership experience TAP continually researches, improves and innovates to ensure that we stay at the forefront of technology trends.  This allows us to create strategy and manage your technology so you can focus on growing your business.

In the end technology is an extremely fast changing and complicated world where trust is a critical component.  We will build that trust as yo build your business.

The TAP vision is the ensure that every small or medium sized company has access to the same technology guidance that larger organizations have access to.

Many business leaders feel that they cannot often afford the same guidance that larger companies enjoy.  TAP was created to ensure this is not the case.  Our aim is to guarantee that every business has access to strategy and guidance regardless of size.

TAP wants to ensure that every technology dollar spent does not turn into a technology regret.


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